Six weeks, six steps: the process of working in groups

The six sessions of workshop followed a series of steps defined in the methodology. These steps reflect the Design Thinking method and together they build a solution making process ain which this process itself is as important as the results.

In the first week the participants are introduced in the project and a brainstorming is held about the problems they can identify. They work after this at the better understanding of the problems by research, interviews and any other method that helps them deepen what they discussed at the workshop.

Feel/discover/reformulate is the theme of the second week. At this workshop they present their points of view, listen to each other and form new perspectives based on what they heard.

In the third week the creation of solutions starts, both individually and in group. Stimulative questions are asked that help in the better defining of solutions, and after the brainstorming and discussions the “finalist” concepts are chosen.

The fourth week is dedicated to developing the prototypes and the testing of these among the participants. They build the models in teams and test them with their colleagues.

In the fifth week the testing is extended beyond the groups. The participants seek the feedback of their schoolmates, classmates, friends or anyone they consider to be relevant.the prototypes are enhanced, adapted and modified based on these feedbacks.

The sixth week is dedicated to the preparation for the presentation of the prototypes in front of an audience.