Why Design Thinking? A method where the process is a great experience, too

The INNOVATORY methodology is based on Design Thinking, a practical and creative problem solving method. It was applied in this project specifically on teachers and students and was defined to be tested in the pilot edition and later to be modified and enhanced if necessary for further projects.

The teachers involved in INNOVATORY received the methodology which they can use in other projects, too. We would have liked to create a methodology which they can adapt and scale for any similar projects and that would be a useful instrument for teachers who’d like to be involved in such activities.

In the Design Thinking method the common thinking, collaboration on innovative solutions, the testing of prototypes and the whole process of designing an idea is as important as the final result. The method encourages interdisciplinary creation, contributes to the development of creativity. The steps of these methods are Emphatize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test, steps that have been taken by the students in the INNOVATORY process.