Young people, especially high schoolers are not interested in finding out what they should do or think. They already know it. Young people ARE interested in understanding, observing, empathising, thinking creative, prototyping and testing their ideas. Besides, they have the courage to present their solutions briefly and clearly. INNOVATORY had proven this.

We as a society have to understand their perspectives and create frameworks, instruments and provide constant mentoring. The society in Romania will be, in 20 years’ time what the young people today will make it to be. We have to ask questions for them to tell us their needs. And we have to listen and answer openly and in a proactive manner to their questions.

The 2018 edition of INNOVATORY, Cluj-Napoca was a pilot edition for us, the PONT Group. We are thankful for the support of the City Hal land Local Council of Cluj-Napoca and for them believing in an innovatory idea, as they believed from the first moment in the candidature of Cluj-Napoca for the European Youth Capital 2015 title.

Like the young people, we too understood, observed, empathizes, prototyped, tested and validated INNOVATORY. From now on the growth and scaling starts. You are most welcome to remain with us in the process.

Winning presentation - TAT
Winning presentation - The Dreamers